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We are
the Best in
the Industry at Keeping Up with Change 

Our world keeps changing quickly, and in our industry, it’s absolutely critical to keep up with the latest customer expectations and evolving trends.  

At Martin Foods, we’ve seen a lot of changes over the past 80 years.  We’ve kept up with this changing world by staying nimble and entrepreneurial – reinventing and pivoting our business model as necessary to adapt to the times. We offer that same adaptability and growth mindset to our customers through our Product Development and Supply Chain sourcing capabilities.  Through a healthy mix of innovation, expertise, and good old-fashioned perseverance, we’ve helped our customers stay current with evolving needs and trends.

Product Development and Supply Chain 

Our product development and supply chain specialists keep our customers abreast of trending flavors, cooking techniques, and menu ideas with inventive spice profiles, preparation methods and LTO ideations. Our team is second to none, staffed with the brightest and most experienced culinary experts, supply chain specialists, and food scientists in the industry.  The Martin Family experts work seamlessly with you to help offer benefits such as: 

  • analyze and optimize your current menu offerings

  • develop new proprietary items that hold a permanent spot on the menu

  • produce private label retail packaged items

  • customize to products tailored for a specific Limited Time Offer.  

We recognize that product development has many components: bite, flavor, texture, authenticity, marketing appeal to a specific customer demographic and price point, and of course, operational success in the “Back of the House.”

Not only will our team help keep your menu fresh and current, but we’ll also help you attain key benefits such as: lower food costs, improved cooked yields, decreased cook times, better holding performance, improved product tenderness, optimized “total cost of ownership,” and more! 

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Poultry is at the heart of who we are; poultry was the foundation of our business back in 1944, and it remains our central focus today.  We can profess with confidence: We know poultry!  And we know that not all poultry is created equal (just ask the most successful chicken restaurants out there, they will surely agree).   That’s why we carefully curate our supply of poultry using the most exacting quality and food safety standards, applying our decades of poultry industry knowledge to obtain the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. All of our poultry products are processed in our state-of-the-art, USDA-inspected, BRC-AA rated and SMETA certified plant located on our 5-acre campus in Houston, Texas.  We offer poultry products from all ranges of live weights, from hard-to-find (but oh, so delicious) small birds to medium and large birds raised on farms, across Texas and the Southeast U.S.  Our poultry offerings include Never Ever Antibiotics (“NAE”), vegetarian-fed, and All Natural claims.  If you need value-added poultry, we’ve got you covered.  

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We’re protein experts from Deep in the Heart of Texas, and that means we also know a thing or two about delicious, high quality beef and pork.  We offer beef and pork products from all types and grades, sourcing the highest quality beef and pork raised on domestic and international ranches and farms.  Our beef offerings include USDA Prime, USDA Upper 2/3rds Choice, USDA Choice, premium Angus and other breeds, grass-fed, and all-natural domestic and imported products.      


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