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Jeff Tapick, Chairman of the Board

“We focus on your back-of-the-house needs – from procurement to preparation, ensuring the best quality, consistency, and food safety – so that you can keep your focus frontward, on growing your business and keeping your customers happy.  That’s the proposition Martin Foods offers; that’s what we’ve been successful at doing for almost 80 years.”


“We’ve got a legacy of owning the outcome, solving by sundown, and treating everyone – our employees, our suppliers, our customers – like family.  All of us win together as one, so at Martin Foods, we Go the Extra Mile (GTXM) for all of our partners and stakeholders.”


Marc Essenfeld, Chief Executive Officer and President

“The key to repeatable and scalable success centers around good processes. The commercialization process is one example, where we will go through rounds and rounds of product testing and sampling, searching for the right formula and combination that works perfectly for a particular customer. Once we find that winning formula in the test kitchen, we then take it out to the production floor and go through rounds and rounds of design trials until we can produce at scale the key product attributes, while meeting our projected costs. It may seem easy from the outside, but when you dive into the details, it’s actually pretty dynamic and complex.  The process isn’t complete until we’ve found the perfect product that aligns with our customer’s quality standards, business model and strategy for growth potential."


Drew Chrisohon, Chief Revenue Officer 

“We want to be the best to who we sell to, we want to be their first call, we want to be their go-to supplier, we want to be a true partner and friend.”


"We don’t want to be the biggest, we want to be the best. We dedicate ourselves to our partners because they’re our friends; we go the extra mile because we honestly care." 

There are plenty of reasons to work with Martin Foods, we’re innovators in our field, consistent and capable of carrying out whatever back-of-the-house and customer needs your business may have. We have a long history of not only helping our clients but treating them as friends, first and foremost. 

Find out what our team highlights as some reasons to work with us:

Andrew Fry, Director of Product Development

“We love showing our customers different flavors, different cuts, different ideas – sometimes it’s something they’ve never seen or considered before.”


“When we fully understand our customers and what they need, we can start applying our knowledge and innovation skills to solve those needs. We’ll develop as many samples as it takes to find the right product that will leave your customers with the most memorable dining experience possible."


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