Research and Product Development

Innovating Ways to Add Value to Our Products

Our Product Development Team is second to none, staffed with the brightest and most experienced culinary experts and food scientists in the business.  Our specialists will work side by side with your culinary and procurement teams to develop everything from proprietary items that hold a permanent spot on the menu, to a dish tailored for a specific Limited Time Offer.  We recognize that product development has many components: flavor, texture, marketing appeal to a specific demographic and price point, and of course, operational success in the “Back of the House.”

Our Team prides itself on forging true partnerships with our customers to identify and select the right raw material, flavor profile, bite resistance, plate appearance, cooked yield, and price point to meet your specific and unique objectives. This is a service we pride ourselves on providing to our customers, and we’re certain you will be very satisfied with the results. Our team is constantly researching current and upcoming food trends to help keep your menu ideas fresh. We invite you to sample new products with us in our restaurant-quality test kitchen.

We are best in the industry at developing new menu ideas and improving upon our customers’ current menu items.  By engaging with our product development team, our customers have enjoyed lower food costs, improved cooked yields, decreased cook times, better holding performance, improved product tenderness and bite resistance – just to name a few of the advantages our team can provide.