Martin’s Value-Added Approach

We Don’t Just Sell Commodity Proteins. We Add Value through Our Products and Services.

There are many companies who sell commodity proteins; what distinguishes us is that we offer value-added products and services that provide a meaningful and lasting benefit to our customers. Some of the ways we add value include:

  • Developing proprietary custom marinades
  • Sourcing alternative cuts at better price points
  • Sheltering our customers from swings in price and availability
  • Improving a product’s finished cooked yield
  • Taking labor out of the “back of the house”
  • Enhancing a product’s shelf life and food safety attributes
  • Creating consistency across multiple restaurant units
  • Providing ideations for LTO opportunities

We are “Best in Class” at providing custom, ready-to-cook marinated beef, chicken and pork. Whether you are a start-up independent operator with a handful of units, a growing regional multi-unit chain, or a mature national account searching for a new supplier, you will find our custom marinated proteins are the highest quality at the best value in the nation.  Our sourcing of both domestic and imported raw material is second to none, while our processing capabilities are state-of-the-art.  When it comes to custom marinated proteins, Martin stands at the forefront of the industry.

Because center-of-the-plate and specialty foods represent the lion’s share of our customers’ food costs, we can play a key role in helping our customers keep costs in check while maintaining the highest possible quality, consistency, and service level. Our success is tied directly to our customers’ success, which is why we continuously search for innovative solutions to maximize the value our customers get from our products.