Gringo’s Tex Mex

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Gringo’s Tex Mex

Our core values are at the center of what we do every single day. We know that they are the keys to fulfilling our mission of passionately crafting meat, poultry and specialty food solutions that create an exceptional customer experience. Living our company values is also critical to creating the long-lasting and valuable customer relationships we are known for.

One such relationship is with our esteemed customer, Gringo’s. Just like MPF, Gringo’s has deep roots in Texas, and the commonalities don’t stop there; it is clear our shared values along with quality service and products have contributed to the longevity and success of our relationship.

Gringo’s Core Values
1) Building guest relationships one meal at a time.
2) Fostering honesty and respect amongst our team members.
3) Reinvesting in our team members and local community.
4) Developing a relationship of trust with our vendors.
5) Never being satisfied

MPF Core Values
1) Safety
2) Family
3) Integrity
4) Accountability
5) Customer-Centric

Gringos Fajitas 3
Gringos Fajitas 2

Gringo’s has been serving Texas residents since 1993 when they opened up their first location in Pearland. Today, they employ 2,500 team members and serve thousands of meals each week at 13 Gringo’s and 4 Jimmy Changas locations, plus Burger Libre, The Lunch Box, and Bullritos locations in La Porte.

For 21 years, MPF has been providing Gringo’s with products and services that support the realization of founder Russell Ybarra’s vision “To serve the highest quality Mexican food at the lowest price possible.”

We spoke with Jonathan Kim, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Gringo’s to get an understanding of what it takes to make their vision a reality.

It is clear that starts and ends with people. From building, supporting and investing in their teams, to selecting the right partners to work with, people are at the heart of creating the Gringo’s experience.

They take great care and pride in training their staff, and arming them with the information, skills, and of course the menu, it takes to create memorable experiences for their customers. “It’s more than service”, explains Jonathan, “it is hospitality. Service is something you render for a payment, but hospitality is the thing that sets you apart.”

The same level of high standards goes into selecting the vendors they partner with. Quality of product and pricing, along with honesty and integrity top the list of capabilities that Mr. Kim says are critical to a successful vendor relationship.

“Service is something you render for a payment, but hospitality is the thing that sets you apart.”

Jonathan Kim COO - Gringo's

Since establishing the Gringo’s account in 1998, the MPF team –including Frank Granados, Art Morton, Michael Tapick, and Jeff Tapick have been instrumental in creating and maintaining the strong bond with Jonathan Kim and the Gringo’s team.

Jonathan shares “You build trust when you know that you can count on people like the MPF team to always pick up the phone when you call. Whether it is in support of a great community cause, or when something may have gone wrong, the responsiveness and commitment to solutions is what’s most important. Occasional issues may come up, and we know that is the nature of the business, but it is HOW you handle them that shows me how much we can trust and build a rapport with one another.”

“This type of relationship takes time to build, and work to maintain, but it is critical because you can always buy cheap products, but you can’t buy relationships.”

It is the customer-centric approach that takes it from a transaction to a winning relationship.

“I would recommend Martin Preferred Foods to any restaurants looking for a protein supplier. Your level of responsiveness and commitment makes me confident that we can tackle what needs to be tackled.”

Gringo's Van at Martin Preferred Foods
Gringo's Staff at Martin Preferred Foods