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Dean and Peeler Premium Beef is an authentic working cattle operation in the heart of South Texas, where two families invested together in one singular mission: to create beef for beef connoisseurs. A product that speaks for itself, a product that with each steak served showcased the craftsmanship of the chef and the care taking of the rancher. A product that would inspire foodies and chefs and beef lovers of all kinds to stand up and take notice.

Texas Local, From Pasture to Plate

  • Consistent buttery ­flavor & guaranteed tender
  • All cattle are moved by horseback, no ATV’s
  • Cattle are responsibly raised from BIRTH to HARVEST by the Dean & Peeler families
  • The only large-scale high-end beef label completely raised from birth to harvest by the same families
  • Every detail concerning how each individual animal is fed and raised is overseen by the Dean & Peeler families
  • Located in Floresville, TX, 30 min SE of San Antonio
  • Carefully selected Angus based genetics
  • Cattle are fed specially designed 100% Vegetarian rations
  • Dean & Peeler Black Label: USDA Choice & Higher
  • All feed ingredients are sourced locally around Floresville, Texas
  • All feed rations are designed by a PhD consultant to meet each animal’s specific needs


You’re going to want to try Dean & Peeler premium beef. 

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USDA Certified Responsibly Raised Means:

  • All employees undergo Beef Quality Assurance Training.
  • All employees attend mandatory annual stockmanship training.
  • Facilities are designed for animal comfort.
  • Feed rations are carefully designed for each animal’s needs
  • Immediate veterinary care is provided a necessary.
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Learn more about how this family-owned and operated ranch partnered with another family-owned company to catapult its Black Label beef to restaurant menus across the Lone Star State.