About Us

Experts in Center of the Plate, Specialty Foods, and Custom Value-Added Proteins

For more than 70 years, Martin Preferred Foods has been a leading further processor and distributor of custom, value-added proteins and specialty foods to foodservice and retail customers across the nation. We specialize in developing and providing custom ready-to-cook beef, chicken, and pork products to foodservice and retail operators around the country. We operate two USDA plants at our company’s headquarters, with over 200,000 square feet of processing, cooler, freezer, and dry warehouse space.

For our customers located across the country, ranging from national accounts to regional multi-unit chains to solo independent operators, our customized value-added protein solutions are distributed through a wide national network of broadliners and re-distributors.

In our home state of Texas, we operate a distribution fleet that provides a complete array of center-of-the-plate proteins and specialty foods to a wide range of customer segments, including premier fine dining restaurants, caterers, hotels, multi-unit establishments, fast casual, quick service, retail grocers, and country clubs in the major metropolitan areas of Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding locales.