Martin’s Merits

Photos: Employees wearing MPF t-shirts volunteering at Food Bank

We are committed to being a good corporate citizen in our communities – because we live here, too. We recognize that we play an integral role in our communities. Our products feed the passion of chefs and the hungry bellies of diners, which in turn “puts food on the table” for our customers and us. It is an honor to be part of the food communities throughout Texas and beyond, but we know that too many fellow community members are left out and going hungry. [expand swaptitle=”Read Less…” title=”Read More…”]Each year we make charitable donations that amount to literally truckloads of food products that go to various good causes and events sponsored by our customers and community partners. We also donate company time and resources, including refrigerated delivery trucks and warehouse space, during times of community emergencies. Our company headquarters has resided in Houston’s historic First Ward since our founding 70 years ago, and we proudly support our local community groups.[/expand]

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